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They said that a change is good...but, is that really is the case?

Well, of course making a change for the better always a good thing...but just how do we describe the 'good'?

That is somehow too abstract...

Normally, a thing is considered good only if you thinks so...
and if you're not that into it, you'll opted to have the opposite idea

A thing that you think is 'good', others might think its not...that's normal...
and it's happens because, well...our mind sets so...

So, I come to a conclusion that all change is actually good...if its for the better

And no matter what others might think of the change we made, just let them be...
Because if we're doing it in view for the better and they don't see it...well...

They're just not that into it...

* This is just a random rant as I missed my old blog damn much! Maybe I should return there...or maybe I should change my contents here...hmmm...well, anything for the better! (^__^)

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