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Duniaku dunia tanpa sempadan. Di sini imaginasi, idea, angan-angan, impian, dan fantasi semuanya bebas. Peri-peri? Kuda unicorn? Ya, semuanya ada di DUNIAKU.

I had a lot of thoughts lately.

About my future. About my destiny. About life.

I always been thinking of what I wanna do in the future. Whether I will still do what I'm doing today, or I'll end up doing something else.

Well, I am the type of person who gets bored at things pretty fast. I might feel rapid excitement in every new things, but that will never last long. So, I need something to excite me all the way. Something that will let me express all of my ideas, visions and creativity. But I haven't found this 'something' yet. If only I could.

Maybe I should start doing something that I always dream of. Something that will constantly pumps up the adrenaline to every part of my body. Something that will gets my heart racing. Something that I love. Something called 'Dream'.

Ya Allah, please help me in realising my dream and in finding that 'something'. Aminn.

I wanna: "Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish" - Steve Jobs

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"Ya Allah, please help me in realising my dream and in finding that 'something'. Aminn."

Amin.... ^___^

Amin...Thanks, Husna! (^__^)

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Duniaku Duniaku

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