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“It’s better to marry someone you love second best, than the one you love the most”

There are people who say that smugly. Do people really know if the person they're dating now is someone they love second best?

But, one thing's for sure: At the moment when you are about to lose the person you love most in life, you'll realize that the person is the ‘one’. But it might be too late.

So, what if you're not sure whether the person is the right choice. Not certain whether you love that person enough. Not ready to give up on all the thousands admirer around who are more good looking and more exciting. What will you do?

One way of checking this is via this question:

Can you countenance the thought of that person flirting with others?

If the answer is no; if the thought of that drives you to distraction, to uneasiness, to doom, then that person is the one for you. This simple primal drive to keep that person for your own is, in my carefully thought out opinion, the most basic form of true love.

Compatibility, shared interests, similar and suitable backgrounds. A lot of people blabber on about that. But that’s nonsense.

A love is when you can accept one’s lackness and weakness; not only accepting the good side of them.

A love is all about trust and faith; as this is the essence.

A love is about caring and being understanding; as this make you feel loved.

Well, one thing’s for sure: Your strong feeling towards that person is enough to overcome any adversity. And it is important for you to love and at the same time being loved.

So, make a decision. The key that opens the door of miracle is in everyone's hand. And with the desire to change the small steps you take forward, the door of miracle will open someday.

Whether that person is the one you love most or just the second best, who knows? It might not be that bad.

By the way, life is full of surprises.

3 pendapat menarik:

Cinta bikin manusia berfalsafah. Cinta bisa bikin manusia hanyut dalam menanti jawapan si dia, atau dipetik suis minda mengemas jalan hidup sebelum si dia berkata "ya aku terima."

Tidak ada cinta kedua terbaik atau pertama terbaik dalam jiwa insan. Sikap insan itu sendiri menentukan nilai cinta yang dibinanya.

awk copy paste eh. hihi.. buat sy terkenang-kenang kesah2 cinta cinderella zmn batu sy.. slh melangkah agaknye.. ;p

lg 1, bl awk bagitahu sy, "u r too naive la...of coz its act mine" <-- mksd awk, ni konsep blog awk ke?? dem nice!~ :)

Tuan Zamri,
"dipetik suis minda"-->saya patut lakukan itu :)
ya, sebenarnya tiada yang terbaik mahupun kedua terbaik...itu cuma persepsi semata :)

not totally a copy and paste thingy...tapi ada ambil maklumat daripada somewhere la :)

konsep blog? tak faham :P but thanks anyway(^_^)

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