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Duniaku dunia tanpa sempadan. Di sini imaginasi, idea, angan-angan, impian, dan fantasi semuanya bebas. Peri-peri? Kuda unicorn? Ya, semuanya ada di DUNIAKU.

Love is when calling one’s name excites your heart.
When seeing one’s smile enlighten your soul.
When staring at one’s eyes froze your body.
And when talking to one’s makes you smile forever.

Love is what keeps your mind nimble.
Love is what makes your heart tremble.
Love is all the beautiful things possible.
Love is all of the superlatives available.

To love is to live.
To love means believe.
As love is a gift.
That will make your life heave.

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wah... rajen hapdet. dapat ilham eh. thumbs up

mencari2 ilham di kala bosan..hehe.thanks :)

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Duniaku Duniaku

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